Recommended Contest Logging Software

 Download Recommended or higher version free/payeds Config file
dxlognet  2.5.32  free  Config file download:



Recommended logging software for Hungarian Straight Key Contest (HSKC) is the ( does not contain HSKC contest)

After installation of the software, the config file  

for HSKC should be copied into the folder „Contest” (TNX HA6OI).

The folder can be found in menu: File submenu: Open configuration folder. The downloaded HSKC.txt file should be copied into the folder „Contest”.

config folder blue arrow config folder 1  blue arrow dx log 03 

 Important note: After copying the file above program should be restarted!.

After restarting the program config panel should logically be filled in by clicking onto File > New menu.
First HSKC contest should be chosen in the drop-down menu.


dx log 01

dx log 02Then to do further settings:
Exchange  A vagy B
Category Single Operator
Overlay A vagy B
Power A vagy B


Then after OK you should set the file name that will contain the contest.
If everything has been carefully done the program will start with proper configuration for HSKC contest.

dx log 10